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Training people is often the more long-term solution. And for researchers learning is an extra motivation and reward.   We provide training opportunities to your staff.
Training can be very interactive, specialized and tailor-made with a limited audience. It can also be more general for a wider audience, but even then we like to keep it as interactive and practical as possible. We don't give statistical theory lectures.
We have a long history of explaining statistics and statistical principles to life science researchers. By now, we know what they need  and how they pick up the matter easiest. See also the blog page to obtain an idea of how  we approach this. 
Below some examples of courses given before. This is not exhaustive list. We can always provide  course targeted to your needs. Contact us to hear what we can provide.

Examples of course topics


  • Statistical thinking: wiser use of statistics

  • Design of experiments

  • Estimation and prediction

  • Beyond the basics of ANOVA and regression

  • Modern computer-intensive analysis methods

  • Introduction to bayesian statistics


  • Introduction to R

  • Advanced use of R in applied statistics

  • Meaningful vizualisation of data for discovery and for communication.

  • Move to ggplot

  • Building dashboards in R Shiny

  • Improved data management 

  • Data wrangling with dplyr

  • Building R packages

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