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There are several ways we can assist.

In many cases researchers just want to do things by themselves but they need some  advice, need to be put on the right track or need a sounding board to check whether they tackle their researcher correctly.

We work alongside scientist to assist them making their research more efficient. As we are wiith both feet since many years in life science research ourselves, we speak the same language and understand the context and constraints.

Improve your statistical reasoning. Fresh-up of your statistical skills. Understand better the specific methods that you already apply. Learn about new approaches.

Plenty of reasons to get a tailor-made training. Adapted to your needs, targetted at your research context, interactive with real-life examples. 

We have a long-standing experience in training researchers in statistics.

Sometimes it is better to outsource. 

We can design your experiments, organize your data, do your analysis.

We use open-source software and provide the scripted solution to you, so  you can repeat everything we did on new data.

We can provide you with automated solutions for your routine analysis, connected to databases, accessed via web-based dashboard or generating automated reports.

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