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We sit together with scientists and managers to discuss and help them to develop research strategies, design experiments or analyse their data.
Or we can be used as sounding board, or second opinion provider for your own data specialists.
We provide advice for one-off situations, or assist you on a more continous basis along the entire process.


  • Defining mid and long term research strategy

  • Designing selection and development pipelines

  • Getting objectives and hypothesis clear to improve focus

  • Distributing resources over research activities and measurement efforts to optimize knowledge return

  • Will this new and expensive measurement equipment pay off?

  • Drawing conclusions and set new directions based on research data

  • Reporting research results correctly and clearly to stakeholders

  • Due-diligence of data provided by potential partners


  • Designing experiments and observational studies

  • Data management

  • Exploratory data analysis

  • Formal Data analysis

  • Modern data and result vizualization

  • Meta-analysis and data-mining

  • Modeling and prediction

  • Drawing conclusion

  • Reporting results and conclusions

  • Helping with choosing the proper analysis method

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